Five Excellent Non-Prescription Treatments For Dry Skin

In the winter months our skin tends to get dry. Sometimes, the dryness is so severe, the skin can crack and become painful. The combination of the dry cold air and dry heat in our homes is primarily responsible for drying our skin out. We tend to spend more time in the shower as well which removes even more moisture from our skin. In addition to limiting our time in the shower, here are some non-prescription creams to keep our skin moisturized and healthy.

1. Eucerin Cream

Eucerin (pronounced “u-sir-in”) cream is an age old standby for moisturization. Frequently used by hospitals to provide moisture for inpatients with dry skin, it is an excellent moisturizer. Eucerin now has a full line of specialty moisturizers for eczema, repair of damaged skin, calming creams to reduce redness and an anti-wrinkle cream.  There severe dryness product is called Aquaphore which is a very thick ointment that not only can provide moisture, but is excellent in healing wounds as well.

2. Cetaphil Cream

Cetaphil (pronounced “set-a-fill”) is another popular line of moisturizers. Like Eucerin cream there is a full line of specialty moisturizers to choose from. They have an eczema and acne prone moisturizing line as well and intensive repair and redness control. Additionally, they feature a soapless cleanser to help prevent stripping away the lipid barrier on the skin.

3. CeraVe Cream

CeraVe (pronounced “ser-a-vay”) cream is a unique choice for an over the counter cream. It contains ceramides, which are the lipids or oils that provide a moisture barrier on the skin. By using CeraVe, you replace those oils or ceramides that are stripped away. CeraVe offesr targeted care creams for severely dry skin and also carry an eye cream and a stretch mark cream. Like Cetaphil, they feature a soapless cleanser as well.

4. Aveeno Cream

Aveeno is most well known for their oatmeal baths and soaps. More recently, they have entered the skin moisturization market with a line of creams containing natural oat and soy extracts to help heal the skin and calm itching. In addition to a full line of moisturizing creams and lotions, they also feature shaving gels and moisturizers containing sunscreen.

5. Vaseline Intensive Care Cream

Vaseline based moisturing products are probably the best known and recognized brand of moisturizers. Vaseline has been used as an intense moisturizer for many years. In recent years, Vaseline has started to offer more specialty and targeted moisturizing creams and ointments to compete with their competitors. It remains a premier line of moisturizing creams.

For people with dry skin, there are several options available without a prescription. Depending on the exact problem, there are targeted therapies for special or intense circumstances. If the use of one of these products fails to correct the problem, then a visit to a dermatologist may be needed.