Post-Treatment Care Instructions

Step One
You will leave the clinic with a bandage in place. Try to leave this alone for at least 16-24 hours. If it comes off before that amount of time, simply apply antibiotic ointment to the wound and replace the bandage.

Step Two
It is normal for the bandage to get a little blood stained after you leave the clinic. Rarely, you may experience bleeding through or around the bandage. If this occurs, remove the bandage and with a clean gauze or bandage, hold pressure on the site for AT LEAST TEN MINUTES. Be sure to time yourself with a watch or clock as “peeking” to see if the bleeding has stopped sooner than that may start the bleeding all over again. If the bleeding continues, call the clinic at (864) 242-5872 for instructions.

Step Three
After 16 to 24 hours, you may gently clean the area with tap water and mild soap. DO NOT USE ALCOHOL OR PEROXIDE to clean the wound as these substances will interfere with the healing process. After cleansing the area, pat the area dry and re-apply antibiotic ointment and a bandage. It is also OK at this time to go swimming in a pool, but avoid lake or ocean swimming for at least another 24 hours.

Step Four
Continue cleaning and dressing the wound as above for seven-ten days. Continue to avoid using alcohol or peroxide to clean the wound.

Step Five
It is normal for the wound to get a little red and inflamed, and to be a little sore. This does not mean that it is infected. Look for warmth surrounding the wound, drainage of pus, or pain that is getting worse (instead of better) daily. If this occurs, call the clinic for instructions at (864) 242-5872.

Step Six
If you have stitches (sutures) in the would, they will occassionally make the wound a little red and this is normal. Rarely, they will break or fall apart before the wound has healed. If this happens more than 6 hours after you get the stitches, we cannot sew the area back up due to high risk of infection. Instead, it will be very important for you to keep the area covered with a bandage and lots of antibiotic ointment to aid in healing the wound as quickly as possible. Call us if you have any questions at (864) 242-5872.

Step Seven
Sometimes, applying antibiotic ointment will cause an allergic reation on the skin. This can occur even if you have not had this happen before. The wound will get very red and inflamed and itchy, and small blisters will form with drainage of clear to slightly yello but clear fluid. Stop the antibiotic ointment, and apply hydrocortisone cream until the redness subsides, usually within a couple days. Then apply only Vaseline to the wound until the wound heals. If you have any questions, call us (864) 242-5872.

Step Eight
Expect a call from us in seven-ten days regarding the results of your biopsy. If you do not hear from us within two weeks, please call us at (864) 242-5872.